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 Articles by Stevie Z. Fischer

When Penny met brutus (2).png

When Penny Met Brutus


If your dog’s charm dwarfs your own, you’re in good company. I humbly admit that my dog Penny is cuter, wittier and a better cook. Not only that, but Penny’s love for the Connecticut River waterfront and its fans is so powerful that my life is forever changed.  Admittedly, I’ve only had a dog for six years and was about as likely to win the Nobel Prize for Physics as having a Golden Doodle spiritual guide. Well, surprise: she rocked my world and drove the story behind River Rules, my small-town environmental suspense novel. 


I’m so grateful.

Pelvis Has Left the Building.png

Pelvis Has Left the Building


Women writers, here’s a multiple choice problem. When we toil ceaselessly at our laptops, we:  A) conjure new worlds; B) talk to ourselves in a manner that alarms others; or C) ignore our loved ones. How about all of the above plus D)? It’s not really a head-scratcher but try this clue. Elvis Presley and Willie Nelson left a trail of breadcrumbs when they crooned, “Maybe I didn’t treat you good as I should have.” 


Or, you might be more contemporary in your musical tastes. Try the cover of “Maybe I Didn’t Love You” by the Pet Shop Boys and the Killers, appearing together at Glastonbury Festival in 2019. Ladies, let’s not break up with our pelvises.

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