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*Check back later for upcoming events!*

Past Events

  • Panel & Reading
    Thu, Nov 14
    Cafe Buunni
    Stevie Z. Fischer will be attending a panel & reading in NYC @ Buunni Coffee!
  • Panel & Reading
    Thu, Oct 03
    Fairfield University
    Stevie will attend a panel and do a reading at Fairfield University!
  • Books on Pratt
    Fri, Sep 20
    Pratt Street
    Over 50 Local Authors on Pratt Street!
  • Meet & Greet
    Mon, Sep 09
    Sensations Day Spa
    Stevie Z. Fischer, alongside other authors, will be doing a meet & greet at the Sensations Day Spa!
  • Coffee Table Wisdom
    Fri, Aug 02
    Coffee Table Wisdom Podcast
    Stevie will be featured on the Coffee Table Wisdom podcast, hosted by Stephanie Raffelock & Friends!
  • Book Signing
    Wed, Jul 31
    Glastonbury Farmer's Market
    Stevie Z. Fischer, partnered with local bookstore River Bend, will be attending the Glastonbury Farmer's Market to sell & sign books on July 31st @ 5:30PM!
  • Writing Your Passion
    Mon, Jul 29
    Live on YouTube at 9PM, Stevie & other authors will be present on a panel focused on Writing Your Passion!
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