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River Rules: Power Play Over Power Plant

Article by Sherri Daley


 "So close to real life that it’s hard to believe River Rules is fiction, but then sometimes real life is so close to fiction, it’s hard to believe it’s real life. You’ll fall in love with the citizens of Bridgeville by page 22. Or sooner."

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River Rules

Stevie Z Fischer's first novel sparked by walks with her dog 


Article by Mara Dresner 

"I very much enjoyed Stevie's writing in 'River Rules' and her unflinching descriptions of the characters and their experiences. They feel like real people with flaws and relatable problems." 


River Rules 

Article by Kirkus Review 


"Chapters are short but never rushed, and the dialogue is natural and funny, slang-filled and prone to friendly swearing and good-natured insults between close friends. As with any small town, there’s a lot of history to cover both about the area and among the characters, but even this is introduced organically, with details left to be fleshed out later on, feeding the story’s intrigue."

Digital Appearances 


Author Stevie Z. Fischer Visits 

Interview by Marian Lanouette 

"It was fraught with self-doubt. I knew I wanted to tell this story but I needed to believe in my writing, that it would do justice to the plot I wanted to create. I had to commit  to“write forward.” This can be really hard for someone with perfectionist tendencies…"

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Writing Your Passion 

Interview by Universal by Design

"Stephanie Raffelock, Kari Bovee, Deborah Burns and Stevie Z. Fischer share their thoughts on why they wrote their books, if it changed their lives or the lives of those around them, second chances, reinventing oneself and finding one's passion at any stage of life and much more!"


Cover to Cover

with Stevie Z. Fischer 

Interview by Jordan Blum 

"Editor-in-Chief Jordan Blum speaks with Fischer about River Rules, her interests in environmentalism and social connections, the pros and cons of modern political correctness, and more!"

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